15 Cute Things to Text Your Girlfriend When You Miss Her

There will be times in your relationship when you can’t be with your girl, and you’ll miss her. So here are some cute things to text your girlfriend.

You can’t always be around your girlfriend. In fact, there will be times where you can’t see her at all, and you’ll end up missing her like crazy. During these times, you should always tell her how you feel about being away from her. And these cute things to text your girlfriend are perfect to do just that!

It can be hard for guys to let their feelings out – I know that. But if you truly miss her, she would be overjoyed to hear just how much you miss her and what exactly you’re missing about her. Girls love knowing that they are missed!

Why you should always let your feelings out

Guys and girls are just different. Girls love to talk about their feelings, and guys would more than likely rather eat nails that divulge all of their deepest feelings to their girlfriends. Nevertheless, girls need to hear about your feelings!

You should always tell your girlfriend how you truly feel and let your feelings out, because she needs to hear it. If your girl is with you for a long time and never hears how much she’s appreciated and missed, she’s not going to be happy with you.

15 cute things to text your girlfriend when you miss her

When your girlfriend isn’t around and you find yourself thinking about her, you should let her know in a text message why you miss her in that moment. Never let a time like this go by without texting her something cute.

It’s really not too difficult to think about cute things to text your girlfriend, so don’t be too nervous about it. By doing it, you’re showing her how much you care about her, and you’re forging a deeper bond in your relationship. If you’re not very creative and don’t know what to text, these ideas and topics can help you out.

#1 Tell her you miss a certain feature. Girls love to hear about what features of ours you take a special liking to. My boyfriend loves the little ringlet curls that form around my face when my hair is in a ponytail, and it’s really humid out.

Using a little feature that you love of hers will help her see that you miss the little things about her, and not just her body or presence.

#2 Tell her you miss a little quirk she has. Everyone has little quirks about their personality. For example, my boyfriend can’t eat anything with his hands – even French fries or a burger! Texting her something cute about missing her little habit will earn you major bonus points in her eyes.

#3 Tell her how something cute reminded you of her. You probably see 20 things a day that remind you of her – that’s why you’re missing her so much! If you really want to make her smile from however far away from her you are, then you should send her whatever it is that reminded you of her – or just explain it to her and why you miss that thing about her.

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