13 Signs She Wants to Be Exclusive with You & Wants Your Commitment

Casual relationships aren’t that easy. Sure, they start out fun, but someone may catch feelings. So, how do you know the signs she wants to be exclusive?

Now, I’m not saying women are indecisive and complicated. We’re not that bad. I mean, you were in a casual relationship. How long did you think that could honestly last before you saw the signs she wants to be exclusive?

So many men think they can carry on a casual relationship without any feeling being involved. Here’s the thing, everyone has feelings. We’re human. So, maybe you dated her for a little while and noticed she takes this relationship seriously. Or, maybe you want to take the next step.

Signs she wants to be exclusive

Either way, no one wants to feel rejection which is why we’re so scared to make moves. Of course, you never truly know how she feels unless you ask her. But if you want to figure out how she feels about you two, then there are some signs to follow that gives you a clearer idea.

Now, every woman is different, so, she may show some of these signs she wants to be exclusive, while not showing others. But, don’t freak out, give it a little bit of time, and it’ll all become clear. It’s time to find out the truth.

#1 She’s off dating apps. This is a huge sign. This is equivalent to you not going to your favorite pick-up bar. She’s not looking for someone else to be with nor is she interested in it, so she deleted her dating app.

She hints at you that she deleted her app which is a great moment for you to talk about where you both want this relationship to go. That’s your window of opportunity, so take it.

#2 You’ve met the important people. We all have a group of important people we want someone special to meet. These could be friends or family,  but the point is, they met you. These people are the ones who are looking out for her best interest. And if you’ve met them more than once, you passed the test. If you were someone she wasn’t really interested in, she would never introduce you to the important people in her life.

#3 She surprises you. Now, this could be on a sexual, emotional, or mental level. She could show up at your house naked, but she could also bake you a cake for your birthday. Point is, she invested her time in showing you signs of affection. This is a sign she cares. It’s not about the big things she does, it’s the little things you need to keep an eye out for.

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