12 Signs He Wants to Cheat with You: What Do You Want to Do Now?

You know he has a girlfriend, but there’s something about him that makes you question his feelings for you. Maybe these signs he wants to cheat with you?

Having a girlfriend doesn’t mean he’s faithful. Are you unsure of his motive or what his behavior means? Maybe he just wants to be friends. So, it’s time you stopped questioning yourself and understood the signs he wants to cheat with you or not.

Once you figure it out, then it’s your choice as to what you’re going to do about it. One thing I can say though is that I wouldn’t like to be his girlfriend.

Signs he wants to cheat with you

I was at the club once when this good-looking guy approached me. He was talking to me, flirting with me, but never made a move. I was confused, I thought he was into me. Why wouldn’t he ask me for my number?

As the night progressed he would ask me certain questions about relationships and what I thought about men with girlfriends. At the time, I never thought about it. I was single and wasn’t interested in guys who were taken. But, that’s the thing, he was testing me. Why? Because he was in a relationship and thinking he could cheat with me.

Now, whether you sleep with him or not is your choice, I’m not here to lecture you—you already know.

#1 You feel it. Girls, we have intuition. The problem is we look past it and don’t believe in ourselves when we feel something. If you feel that he’s sweet talking you because he wants to cheat with you, well, then you’re probably right. Don’t overlook your intuition because you have it for a reason. If you feel it, you’re most likely right.

#2 He tells you he has a girlfriend but flirts with you. He has no problem telling you he has a girlfriend. In fact, he reminds you he has one. But he doesn’t mind flirting with you and touching you in a way that doesn’t scream taken. He’s letting you know this so that if something happens, it’s not serious for him. Basically, he tells you that whatever happens, don’t get attached.

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