10 Funny Relationship Goals That Are Just Too Real & Relatable

We’ve all see those posts about what a relationship should really look like but THESE are the funny relationship goals you actually need to have.

There are a lot of things you should want in a relationship. Having fun together, getting comfortable, and trusting one another are among the best goals to have. But you also want to have some funny relationship goals to aim for.

Because if your relationship is serious all the time, it’ll get boring. Therefore, you have to be able to open up and get a lot more comfortable. And that means you’ll be faced with some embarrassing and actually funny moments together.

If you never allow yourself to be open your relationship will fail

That’s just how it is. You can’t be in a happy, healthy relationship without being yourself and allowing yourself to open up 100%. That’s because you never really show someone who you are. You always have to put on a certain personality and that’s a lot of effort.

And that’s a lot of pressure. That pressure eventually builds and builds until you can’t take it anymore. The resentment forms and you can’t stay with that person. That’s why having some funny relationship goals will help you open up and remain true to who you are.

Funny relationship goals we can all relate to

If you want something to aim for in your relationship, these goals are where it’s at. Although they’re funny, they’re also real and relatable. All couples who want a happy and healthy ever after should have these goals.

#1 Being able to look like a mess together. We all have those days where we just don’t want to shower or even change out of pajamas. Then we proceed to eat nothing but junk and look like a hot mess all day long.

The best types of relationships are when you can do that together. The funny thing is that you’re “supposed” to look great for your significant other but it’s the best when you don’t even have to.

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