Getting Results With Slow Lifting And Static Contraction Training

Basic Principles of Slow Lifting

While this method of weight training has been around a long time, its recent exposure is due in large part to Ken Hutchins. In the nineties, Hutchins brought his SuperSlow training methods mainstream and they have proved very successful at building muscles for the typical, non-genetically gifted weight trainer.

Snail Paced Weight Lifting

Slow lifting isn’t just slow; it is lifting done at a snail’s pace. When the time you spend per rep goes to 10 seconds and beyond, you are entering slow lifting territory.

Routines performed just once or twice a week, very few bodybuilding exercises (relying on compound movements), medium weights, single reps lasting for 30 seconds or more, very short workouts and long recovery periods are some of the interesting components of a slow lifting training method. Rest assured though, that for the slow lifting training methods to be effective, you can expect the small amount of time you actually spend working your muscles to be particularly grueling.

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