Getting Results With Slow Lifting And Static Contraction Training

Going to a slow lifting or static contraction weight training program from time to time can be the radical change the body needs to bust you through a plateau. Such a program can definitely wake a snoozing body up and make it refocus and get serious. This is how many use these systems with great success.

The advocators and promoters of these weight training methods believe very strongly they are the only way to train. I disagree with this, believing instead that the types of stress presented by these methods are ultimately limiting for the person whose weight and muscle goals won’t be met in a short time, definitely limiting for the person whose goals include gaining functional strength. But I will not dispute the fact that these methods can absolutely be an effective weapon to have in your arsenal.

They can also be very effective for the beginning bodybuilder. The most radical change one can make is to go from the couch to working smart in the weight room. This is the time one can see the greatest improvements in size and strength. Starting from zero, slow lifting and static contraction methods can be particularly effective due to their extreme natures, the way they demand intensity. Their short time commitments can also help the beginner stick to his weight training program.

However, realize that these are intense methods of training and far from a jog in the park.

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