Getting Results With Slow Lifting And Static Contraction Training

Slow lifting and static contraction training are radical tempo-related weight training. These weight training methods have actually been around and practiced much more than most people realize.

They aren’t going anywherebecause they do produce results, sometimes amazing results.

This having been said, these are not the end-all training systems that will forever change weight training.

No system, no machine will ever improve upon the muscle building capabilities of a simple squat performed with good form and with a conventional weight training tempo, backed by a solid diet and sufficient rest.

It just can’t be done.

Slow Lifting and Static Contraction Vs. Conventional Training

Slow lifting and static contraction training aren’t really as far away from conventional or traditional training as they may first appear. They are simply a change, a radical change. They take the focus off the reps and onto the time you can keep your muscles under tension.

Within these systems are principles that absolutely must be present for the ordinary, genetically typical person to build muscle and gain weight fast. Things such as training heavy, training intense, training for short amounts of time, training with compound exercises and, perhaps most importantly, allowing sufficient time for muscles to recover and therefore grow.

It shouldn’t be that great of a surprise that these training methods can be extremely effective.

Biceps Curls Slow Lifted
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