Did Vince Delmonte Really Gain 41 Pounds of Muscle in 6 Months?

3) The Untrained Body

Most of the astonishing gain claims come from beginners, guys who haven’t trained much at all previously.  In Delmonte’s before pictures, you can clearly tell he hadn’t been training regularly.

When you take a complete beginner – a young male whose hormones are muscle building optimal – and put them on a solid program designed to build maximum muscle mass – a program like NoNonsense Muscle Building – that beginner is going to make gains that a more experienced trainer can only dream about.

No one is suggesting that a 220 lb. guy who has been training hard for the past 10 years should realistically be able to put on 40 pounds of additional mass over the next 6 months. Delmonte wasn’t suggesting he could keep on gaining 40 pounds every six months as long as he desired.

I think many experienced trainers forget just how responsive a young body can be when suddenly exposed to a solid muscle building program. They forget that the first pound of muscle you put on really is relatively easy (but as you advance, each additional pound you put on becomes harder and harder).

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