Did Vince Delmonte Really Gain 41 Pounds of Muscle in 6 Months?

1) Dry Muscle Vs Lean Fat-Free Mass

The opposition often points to scientific evidence that points to it being impossible to gain more than a couple pounds of new, dry muscle tissue a month.

However, neither Delmonte nor anyone else reporting similar gains is actually claiming to gain “dry muscle” tissue.  No one ever claims their “dry muscle” tissue gains because there is no way to accurately measure dry muscle poundage without an autopsy (and few are that dedicated).

Instead, Delmonte is technically claiming “lean fat-free mass” gains (weight after – weight before – fat gains = lean fat-free mass gain).  To everyone but the most anal, these are commonly referred to as “muscle gains”.

So the opposition scores a technical point here. But it’s a pretty lame point.

2) If I Didn’t Do It, No One Can

Many impressive physiques took many years of hard work to build. It happened very gradually and the owners of those physiques are understandably a little skeptical when they hear of a beginner, like Delmonte was at the time of his initial gains, making such rapid progress.

Delmonte wasn’t the typical beginner, however. He was a guy who did a lot of research on exactly how best to build muscle and then applied that knowledge with extreme dedication and discipline.

A lot of the skeptics were direction-less when they first started training.  I think many such trainers would be shocked by the gains they could make if they could go back in time and apply their current knowledge and dedication to their bodies in an untrained state.

Their results may make them think themselves liars.

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