Adequate Rest To Avoid OTS & Maximize Muscle Gain

Getting Quality Rest

The biggest part of the rest equation is sleep. Don’t do all else well and let your mass gain goals drift away because you fail to get adequate sleep. What is adequate sleep? This will vary by individual, but most likely you will need eight plus hours to be fully rested. Like most things, it is more about quality as opposed to quantity and “good sleepers” can get by with less.

If you are having difficulty waking, if you’re hitting the snooze button a dozen times, you aren’t getting enough sleep and you should realize that your muscle building goals are being negatively affected.

There are numerous general health benefits that can be obtained from simply getting a good night’s sleep. A big one is better cardiovascular health – sleep deprivation has been linked to a hardening of the arteries.

The importance of sleep is amplified for the person trying to gain muscle mass. It is when you are sleeping that your muscle building hormones come out to play – your body secretes the greatest amount of growth hormone about one hour into deep sleep.

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