6 Top Muscle Building Methods For Workout Routines: Different Methods For Different Muscles

The way you go about trying to stress your muscles within your routines is the method you use. Different methods allow you to stress the muscles in different ways.

Any method can be effective for stimulating muscle growth as long as the overall weight training program utilizes progressive overload.

Single-set routines and multiple-set workout routines are the basic weight training methods.

Pyramid sets, supersets, breathing sets and the rest of the bodybuilding techniques discussed on this page, as well as the countless others that exist, are attempts to improve on the basics. They are intensity builders designed to get the attention of your muscles. All will do this to some degree of effectiveness.

You don’t however want to get trapped into thinking you always have to take a complicated approach to your training. In the end, the body is impressed with progressive overload and intensity, not gimmicks.

While they can be effective, it is not always necessary or smart to have intensity builders in your workout routines. Remind yourself that sometimes less is more and sometimes a simple single or multiple-set routine is where you will get results.

Different Methods For Different Muscles

Not all muscle groups will have the same reaction to all your tactics. Heavy sets may be the most effective at building the pectorals but may not have the same effect on your calves. Generally, people react better to higher reps and lighter weights when it comes to the calves.

Therefore, pyramiding may create your best gains when it comes to the bench press while multiple light sets may be your best bet for calf raises.

The main reasons for this are in the fiber compositions of the various muscle groups (more about fiber composition and muscle building). Muscle groups composed mainly of slow twitch fibers can be more receptive to light sets while groups containing a majority of fast twitch fibers can be stressed better with heavy sets.

Because we are all made up differently, the only way to find out what works best for you is to try different things.

Likely, you will not find just one way that spurs growth for you, but several. And when you do find a method that really makes your calves or your biceps grow, realize that it will have a limited shelf life.

To continue getting results you will have to keep subjecting the body and its muscles to new stresses and force it to adapt by making you stronger.

For some people, the biceps, calves, abs and hams are muscle groups that will respond to methods that go against the common logic of working heavy for the greatest growth.

If you are having trouble with these groups or any other groups, try new tactics. Solidly designed workout routines may have you pyramiding your bench press, supersetting your biceps curls and doing breathing sets for your squats .

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