The Bodybuilding Tips Checklist: 21 Tips for Bigger Results Like A Pro

6. Compound Exercises

To build muscle you must stimulate as much muscle fiber as possible. Compound exercises are those which stimulate more than one major muscle group at a time. They affect your entire skeletal system and trigger growth throughout the body. Isolated exercises like leg extensions may make for a happy and fun little workout but they won’t come close to being as effective for muscle growth as squats.

The focus of bodybuilding training for muscle growth should be compound exercises. You simply won’t have much success gaining muscle weight without utilizing the power in this bodybuilding tip.

7. Mental Intensity

If you are thinking about anything other than weight lifting and muscle growth for that hour workout, if you aren’t using visualization to perfect your form and provide a guide to what you want your body to become, if you don’t believe you can accomplish your weight gain goals, you are failing to take advantage of one of a very strong workout partner: Your mind.

The mind can do truly amazing things when we put it to work. It seems more than a little likely that it will have a major effect on your weight training results. Make sure that effect is a positive one.

Lifting with intensity can be the difference between success and failure. A lot of people come to bodybuilding with the false-assumption that the rewards go to the person with the greatest quantity of training. This is wrong. They go to the person with the greatest quality of training – the person that works with the most intensity.

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