The Bodybuilding Tips Checklist: 21 Tips for Bigger Results Like A Pro

3. Sleep

“The body builds itself at rest, not in the gym.” You hear that a lot in weight training circles and you should pay attention. It is easy to think of sleep time as lost time but, if you are out to improve your physique, this couldn’t be less true – sleep time will be your most productive bodybuilding training time. Stop getting up with an alarm clock; get up when you’re rested and you’ll start getting up bigger and bigger every day. This means eight plus hours for most people.

You’re wasting those hours at the gym if you’re not using this bodybuilding tip to allow the body a chance to show what it can do.

4. Progressive Overload

If you train for the next 52 weeks by doing 100 lb. bench presses, will you be bigger and stronger at the end of your weight training program?

No, you won’t. You’ll have muscles conditioned to handle that weight but not bigger and stronger because of it. You have to keep pushing the envelope. Keep increasing the weight you lift or the reps you do in order to create a continual need for more muscle.

5. Less Can Be More

Common logic is that if you aren’t getting the results you want, do more until you do. This is dangerous logic with regards to weight training. Your logic should often be the opposite, do less curls if your biceps won’t grow. The resulting measurements that show amazing growth may go against all you thought you knew, but at least you’ll have big arms to hold your bewildered head with.

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