The Bodybuilding Tips Checklist: 21 Tips for Bigger Results Like A Pro

Are you doing all you can do to accomplish your goals? Or are there simple things that you could be doing that will greatly enhance your results?

Incredible results from bodybuilding training do not go to the guy who does one thing well, but rather they go to those who do a multitude of things well.

It is not enough to work out with great intensity and then get a couple of hours sleep before heading into work. Big muscles won’t come if you have a great weight gain diet but spend much of your workout time on a Stairmaster. You can work out hard, you can eat well, and you can get your sleep and still get poor results because the form you lift with is just downright ugly.

The secret to big and consistent bodybuilding training gains is to do it all well, from A to Z, from your breakfast to your workouts to the long sleep you get before starting all over again.

This synergy of action, all factors working together towards the muscle and weight gain goal, will produce amazing results.

Some of the tips below deal with your actual workouts and routines but others deal with things outside the gym. Bodybuilding training does not only occur in the gym. Away from the iron, you will find many secrets to success. A great many weight lifters ignore this fact and find their muscles ignoring them.

If you are stuck in a rut it may be that new bodybuilding routine that will break you out BUT, even more likely it is another factor that is impeding your progress. Too many inexperienced weight trainers always look at the routine and de-emphasize the other factors (and I have a great deal of sympathy for these frustrated trainers because I was one for longer than I care to remember).

Putting all the 21 bodybuilding tips below into your “bodybuilding training package” will propel you to great gains, a perfect 21 is an unbeatable hand (like in black-jack, get it?). Forget a few and you might start overtraining on the head scratching exercise.

In no particular order, pay attention to these often under-appreciated, typically ignored, essential secrets to success…

The Bodybuilding Tips List

1. Diet

You wouldn’t try and build a log cabin without logs, would you? Imagine yourself in the woods with the fixtures and nails and insulation and trying to figure out why you can’t get that cabin built. Pretty stupid, eh?

And yet there are countless weight lifters out there trying to figure out why they can’t make muscle gains while eating without any concern for what the body needs to build muscle. Bodybuilding training without providing the body the nutrients it needs to grow is as stupid as the log cabin story. Your diet will be the number one factor in your success.

2. Change

It would be nice if we could just find a routine that works and repeat it over and over until our goals were met. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The body becomes accustomed to the rigors we put it through and builds itself accordingly. If it knows you’re coming at it with three sets of ten at X weight, it will realize from past experience (the previous 6 months of you doing this every Tuesday and Thursday) that it has what it takes to conquer this and you’re following workouts. It won’t react. It has adapted.

You must constantly be changing things up to continue your gains. Always keep the body guessing.

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