Instant Energy Boosters You May Not Know

Most People May Not Know These 5 Secret And Instant Energy Boosters

When your energy dips, you can perk up your neurochemistry if you know how it works.

Instant Energy Boosters You May Not Know

1. Divide a task into chunks

Your brain releases dopamine when you see the finish line, and it feels great. But when the end is not in sight, your energy may drop. You can spark your dopamine by dividing big tasks into small chunks.

This may seem illogical, but your mammal brain is not a logic machine. I learned this trick from a cycler who told me he bikes up a mountain by dividing it into quarters and celebrating each milestone.

He doesn’t stop to rest; he just celebrates neurochemically. That sounded dumb to me until I learned about dopamine. Now I divide my long hauls into chunks!

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