Characteristics of a Good Bodybuilding Weight Training Routines

Characteristics of a Good Bodybuilding Weight Training Routines

When it comes to weight training routines there are generally two types of routines that come to mind: bodysculpting and bodybuilding routines.

The first type of training is used by the group who just wants to firm up and lose body fat. This can be accomplished by adding some muscle and losing bodyfat in order to tighten up. A good long term goal to aim for is to lose enough body fat so that you can reach a 13-16% body fat range if you are a woman and between 8-10% if you are a guy.
This sort of training can be referred to as body sculpting training.

The second type of training is bodybuilding training. For bodybuilders, the main goal is to add pounds after pounds of muscle mass while taking their body fat levels to a neighborhood of 8-10% and in some instances, like a bodybuilding contest, even less, going as far as 3-4% body fat.

Before we discuss how each training should be performed, I’ll first talk about the characteristics of good bodybuilding weight training routines.

Characteristics of a Good Bodybuilding Weight Training Routines

  • It must be short (between 45 to 75 minutes maximum; 60 minutes being best). After 75 minutes, the levels of muscle building and fat burning hormones that your body produces (such as testosterone) begin to drop. What this means is that training more than 75 minutes will prevent you from gaining muscle and losing fat fast! It will also prevent you from fast recovery. As crazy as it sounds, more is not necessarily better for huge bodybuilding gains.
  • The rest in between sets should be kept to a minimum (90 seconds or less). Keeping your rest in between sets and exercises down not only helps you to perform a lot of work and still finish within the 75 minutes, but it also helps improve your cardiovascular system. In addition, it has also been shown that this kind of training stimulates growth hormones output the most.
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