18 Signs You May Have An Iron Deficiency And How To Fix It

6. Dry or Cracked Lips

Ferritin proteins also release iron into the skin for cellular regeneration and growth of new cells. For this reason, dry or cracked skin, especially around the lips is another big indicator of a possible iron deficiency.

7. Brittle or Ridged Nails

Just like with skin, iron is necessary for growth of healthy nail tissue. If you notice that your nails have begun to break or crack very easily or if you develop ridges that run the length (not across) of your fingernails, this may also be a sign that your ferritin iron stores are depleted.

8. “Pins and Needles”

You’re probably familiar with the feeling of “pins and needles” that you get when circulation gets cut off to one body part or another. While this can easily result from something as simple as falling asleep with one limb at an odd angle, poor circulation may also be caused by insufficient iron in the blood and the resulting lack of oxygen reaching your extremities. If you frequently experience burning or tingling in your hands or feet with no good explanation, iron deficiency is a possible cause.

9. Swollen or Sore Tongue

Iron deficiency can manifest in the form of glossitis – soreness, inflammation or discoloration of the tongue. If your tongue appears pale or smooth, it could be to lack of hemoglobin in the blood stream – a result of low iron levels.

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